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The classic car market has seen many ups and downs over the years, from the boom in the 80's to its subsequent collapse and levelling out of prices in the 90's. But one company has remained constantly in business, constantly supplying a high standard of service: Tamar Valley Motoring Centre.

Specialising in classic MGs, the centre has built on its years of experience to provide the best classic car service around. 

Alan Davis and Colin Bird have worked together for more than 20 years in the picturesque Tamar Valley, 15 miles north of Plymouth in the small village of Harrowbarrow before moving to larger premises in Callington in 1999.

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Tamarac V8 Roadster in 
MG Trophy Blue

Together with their workforce they have gained an enviable world-wide reputation for top quality work at realistic prices. The majority of TVMC customers know the proprietors and members of staff by name.

Tamarac V8 Roadster in 
MG Trophy Blue

Alan has been in the motoring trade for more than 40 years and is well known throughout the West Country and beyond. 

Colin served his apprenticeship in the Army in 27 Command workshops REME in Colypool, Plymouth, where he achieved many qualifications in engineering and mechanical work.

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Brian Todd-Burley trained with a British Leyland franchise as a motor vehicle technician. Well-respected in the trade, he is very popular with our customers with his extensive skills, pleasant manner and vast knowledge of the MG Marque.  Brian has been a leading member of the Tamar Valley Motoring Centre for over 20 years.

Andy Jennings, another experienced technician with many years experience of a wide range of vehicles and engineering problems completes the mechanical work force.

Steve Pethick, produces top quality work in the restoration and painting section.  Steve has produced many award winning classic cars over the last 15 years.


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'Brian's 20 Year Service Award'

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